Master Classes

Master Class - The Art of Vocal Technique

Julie Budd understands fully the demands of performance, and what a toll the rigors of this industry and live performance can take on the professional vocal instrument. To protect, preserve and enhance this instrument for the serious vocal musician, she has developed an acclaimed Master Class study course – The Art of Vocal Technique.

Her extensive knowledge of the singer’s art comes from first-hand experience. Julie Budd has been in show business since she was twelve years old, a child prodigy who performed alongside the greatest legends of the music business. She has worked constantly in live performance, TV, film and recordings, and later developed a solo concert career in which she headlined at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The London Palladium and Tel Aviv’s Israel Performance Arts Center. “I draw upon the disciplines taught by the great vocal teachers and masters of the past. As a young vocal student, I was fortunate to study with two of the greats – Lydia Summers and Willard Young, among the most brilliant teachers in the singing world.”

“Their method was simple – and one that is vital. The most important thing you can do for your instrument is to enhance, preserve and protect the voice. That is what “The Art of Vocal Technique” is all about. It never interferes with an artist’s individual style, but creates awareness about maintaining the health of the voice.”

No one knows what singers and performers go through as well as another performer. Julie Budd stays intimately in touch with the art and its demands, remaining an extremely busy artist in her own right. Ms. Budd travels extensively, performing her one-woman show all over the world. She appears with many of the most notable maestros and symphony orchestras in the world’s great halls and performing arts centers, which makes her particularly sensitive to the special needs of the concert artist.

In addition to teaching her private one-on-one classes in New York City, Julie works with students through her lecture series on “The Art of Vocal Technique” and also lectures onstag at colleges, performing arts centers and universitys around the country.